Madrats võrevoodile 140 cm

136,00 €
3-5 nädalat
6 cm cold foam mattress with 2 cm visco wave profile on top. The top reacts, conforms and adjusts to the body temperature and weight to ensure the best possible comfort during the sleep. Use the soft visco foam wave profile for newborns and the firmer flip side for toddlers. Quilted cover in 100 % cotton. Sheet in 100% cotton included. Oeko-Tex Class 1. 2-year guarantee.
Kõrgus (cm) 8
Laius (cm) 140
Sügavus (cm) 70
Tarneaeg 3-5 nädalat
Värvus Valge
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Toode:Madrats võrevoodile 140 cm
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